Our Philosphy

With each patient, we work together to Rebalance your body and uncover the root cause to your health concerns by addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your individual health and lifestyle.

Acupuncture works by stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities.  Very fine disposable needles are placed in specific points along energy pathways of the body called meridians.  Patients may experience a sense of well-being and relaxation during treatment.  Research shows that acupuncture stimulates endorphins (a neurotransmitter) and other brain chemicals that promote circulation and hormonal balance, as well as reduce pain and inflammation.  It is effective for both physical and psychological problems.  One of the greatest advantages of acupuncture is the absence of undesirable side effects.  Other techniques of treatment may include thermal therapy, acupressure, cupping, electrical stimulation and/or herbal therapy.

Office Visits:

The initial visit is 90 minutes The main goal of the initial visit is to identify the root cause of your health concerns and the obstacles that are preventing your ability to heal. Initial treatment plan is tailored to your health concerns.

Follow-up visits are 60 minutes The goal is to continue shifting your health towards meeting the initial health goals mapped out in the first visit. Also new health goals are revealed and addressed in all aspects of health –body, mind and spirit – in order to reach your optimal health.

Insurances Accepted:
Kaiser Added Choice – under American Specialty Health (ASH)
Please check with your Health insurance plan to see if you are covered for acupuncture before calling to make an appointment

Acupuncture needles are solid, made of stainless steel, and with an extremely fine point. The fineness of the needles allow them to swiftly slip into the tissue easily and without discomfort. Most people experience no sensation upon needle insertion. If sensation is felt, it is described as a feeling of distention, heaviness, or a mild ache.
Is acupuncture safe?
Yes, acupuncture is very safe. All needles are pre-sterilized and disposable. There are very few side-effects of treatment, other than possible bruising at the site of insertion, and that is quite rare.
What should I feel after the treatment?
Some patients may experience an increase in energy after the treatment due to the acupuncture stimulation. Others may experience a great sense of relaxation as inner tension is released and body and mind relax.
When do I feel better?
 Response to acupuncture treatment varies. Some patients respond with a single treatment while others may need three or even more treatments before experiencing change. Usually the effect of treatment will be noticed within twenty-four hours, the time it takes for the body’s energies to make one complete circuit.

How many treatments will be required?

In the beginning of care, we generally recommend 2 treatments a week for 2 weeks. Then we re-evaluate. After your body starts regulating and gaining function itself, then your treatments will be gradually tapered so that there are longer intervals between treatments. Many patients choose to stay on a monthly or quarterly wellness program to keep their body in balance and reduce the effects of accumulated stress, wear-and tear, or the aging process.​

What to expect: