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Testimonials from satisfied clients:

"I absolutely recommend this practice."

-Stephanie H. April 11, 2017

"After trying to get pregnant for two years with no results, I turned to acupuncture. After several treatments, I am happy to say that I am now pregnant. Thanks Sally!"

-Holly B. March 2017

"I came in with severe anxiety and insomnia. Acupuncture has changed my life!"

-Michael T. February 2017

"Very well handled, accomplished acupuncture treatment with very positive results. You can trust that she knows what she is doing."

-David P. November 15, 2016

"Very professional painless experience that removed pains in my neck after first session. I have scheduled a follow-up appointment for further treatment of other problems that I have regarding muscle pains. Sally is very thorough in her diagnosis of what treatment to apply."

-Amanda D. July 20, 2016

"Wear loose clothing the day of. Sally is knowledgeable and friendly. Ask any questions about your health and she will be happy to give you useful recommendations."

-Leah H. June 4, 2016

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